Starbucks coffeehouses have become a beacon for coffee lovers everywhere: a place where customers know they can count on our unique barista and customer connection, enjoy our welcoming Third Place, and a responsibly sourced, expertly roasted, and handcrafted coffee every time.

Each Starbucks store is a reflection of the local community it serves, bringing the safe, familiar and convenient Starbucks Experience to customers around the world. Here are some of Starbucks EMEA’s most scenic store opening from 2021 to visit this year or admire from afar.

Ajdan Walk, Al Khobar, KSA

Located in the east of the Kingdom, the Al Khobar store was designed to celebrate the Kingdom’s vibrant culture and throughout the store. Bespoke artwork of the precious jewellery, craft and detail that the local area is known for is found throughout the store.

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